A Household Name for Possum Removal and Pest Control in Adelaide

One of the things that has made Peter the Possum Man a household name in and around Adelaide is the peace-of-mind we bring to homeowners and businesses through the sensitive measures we use in handling possum removals and dealing with other pest problems. Our Adelaide pest control specialists are all trained to ensure that possum removals and other pest control solutions all comply with the necessary regulations, and follow approaches endorsed by conservationists and research centres. with an emphasis on being effective and environmentally friendly.

Possum Removal

Possum removal, Pest control - Peter the Possum Man AdelaideThe easiest approach to preventing Brushtail and Ringtail Possums from nesting in your ceiling voids is to ensure that your roof spaces are properly and securely closed off. If a possum finds even a very small gap, they will squeeze or force their way in, and once they set up nest, other possums will follow. Possums nesting in your ceiling are not only noisy, they will also cause considerable damage, with the risk of also attracting rats into your home. Since possums are protected by the South Australian Government, our Adelaide pest controllers will always first use a one-way exit to try to get possums out of any spaces they have set up nest in. This allows possums to exit, but prevents them from getting back in. If they do have to resort to using cages to trap any possums, the possums cannot be relocated, only released outside of your property. And this is why it is critical that all possible entry points are identified and closed off, to prevent them from gaining access to your roof space again.

Beehive Removal

We don’t consider bees to be pests; bees play a critical role in pollinating food crops and wild plants. But bees can also be quite territorial, and while they will only sting as a last measure of defence, having a beehive on your property can be intimidating to your family or customers. Although bees typically build their hives in trees, they will also create hives in wall cavities and ceiling voids, which can lead to property damage while also resulting in many more bees being active in and around your home or business. Our preferred approach to bee hives is always to move the bee colony without harming any bees, and our Adelaide team is fully-equipped and trained to do this professionally and safely.

Bed Bug and Flea Treatments

The biggest problem with fleas and bed bugs is that they are tiny pests, allowing them to go undetected – and to breed – for some time. Being parasitic, they feed on blood, but you are likely to ignore the occasional bite and itchiness, and only realise you have a serious problem when the bites become a lot more frequent, or other people also start complaining. It is difficult to prevent bed bugs and fleas since, unlike many other pests that are drawn by unsanitary conditions or easy sources of food, these pests are brought into your home or business by other people and animals, who themselves are often unaware they’re acting as hosts to bed bugs or fleas. Because they are able to breed rapidly, it is better to call a pest control specialist as soon as you suspect you have fleas or bed bugs in your home or business. Our Adelaide pest control specialists will not only provide a fast and effective treatment for both of these pests, they will also advise you on how to identify signs of these pests in future before they become a more noticeable problem.

Long-Lasting Spider Control

Many people don’t mind seeing a spider or two in their home; many aren’t harmful, will only bite when threatened, and they help keep other insects under control. But there are spiders that pose considerable risk to humans and animals, not ignoring the fact that the single spider you saw and ignored could still generate dozens of baby spiders that, if the environment is suitable, will also choose to settle in your home. Many do-it-yourself solutions are effective at controlling small populations of spiders, but if you have a much larger spider problem, or find yourself struggling to keep spiders out of your home, our Adelaide specialists have solutions to eradicate spiders quickly, and they are also knowledgeable enough to offer advice on steps you can take to more effectively keep spiders out of your home.

Remember, we aren’t just experts at possum removal, we also take care of all kinds of pests, whether your problem is in a residential home, or a business. Our pest control services are available throughout Adelaide and surrounding areas, from the city centre, through to Adelaide Hills. You can depend on Peter the Possum Man to have a solution, whether you need help getting rid of wasps, or mice, or controlling an ant problem.

Our Approach to Possum Removal

As cities expand, possums are often left without access to hollow trees, which are their natural nesting environments. This is the leading cause of possums forcing their way into our homes, setting up nests in roof spaces and sub-floor voids. At Peter the Possum Man we will always approach possum removal by first sealing off all obvious entry points to their chosen nesting spot, leaving only a single one-way exit. This keeps possums out, while still allowing any possums already in your roof space to get out. Our Adelaide pest control specialists will visit your property several times after installing the one-way exit, until the last of the possums is out. They will then remove the exit, and ensure that all possible entry points are now securely sealed off, while also advising you on the steps you can take to prevent possums from gaining access to your home again. We rarely use cages for trapping possums, and local regulations prohibit possums from being relocated.

Other Adelaide pest control services offered by us include:

  • Using environmentally friendly solutions to eliminate and control a variety of pests.
  • The use of bait traps to eradicate rats and mice, which are often seen homes that also have a possum problem.
  • A comprehensive inspection of your home or business to not only establish the extent of any pest problem you have, but to also ensure adequate steps are taken to identify and close off possible entry points.

Our pest control solutions all comply with local regulations, and are carefully selected to ensure they are not harmful to humans and animals.

You can find us in Allenby Gardens, just off Port Road, though our pest control and possum removal services are available throughout the Adelaide region, including:

  • Adelaide Hills
  • Barossa Valley
  • Gawler
  • McLaren Vale
  • Mount Barker

Not sure if you’re hearing possums or rats in your roof? Call us on 1300 933 749, and our pest controllers will not only be able to come out and identify your pest problem, they’ll also be able to take care of it. The cost of our pest controlĀ  in Adelaide depends on the type of pest problem you have, and the size of your property. Request a pest control quote online, and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

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