We Have 75 Year’s Experience in Possum Removal and Pest Control

About Peter The Possum Man

Peter the Possum Man is a household name to the people of Melbourne and Adelaide. Our sensitive solutions to urban possum problems have delivered much wanted ‘peace of mind’ to many thousands of homes and businesses. We also provide solutions to your other domestic pest problems. Peter the Possum Man maintains close contact with regulatory authorities, conservationists and research centres like the CSIRO to ensure your pests are controlled and re-infestation doesn’t occur.

Peter the Possum specialise in dealing with all pests you may have around your home, in particular:

Possum Removal in Melbourne & Possum Removal in Adelaide.

We employ fast and effective possum catching and possum deterrent techniques.

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We take care of all kinds of pests, not just possums

What we do

At Peter the Possum Man, we not only deal in the removal of possums but we can control all kinds of pests and insects including rats, mice, ants, cockroaches, spiders, fleas, termites, wasps, bees, and silverfish. If your particular pest isn’t on this list, just give us a call – chances are we will be able to handle them too.

Areas of operation

Our primary areas of operation cover both the greater Melbourne and Adelaide regions. Domestic services are generally confined to the capital cities.

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  • Possum Removal
  • Dead Possum Removal
  • Possum Deterrent
  • Possum Boxes

What We Do

Peter the Possum Man maintains close contact with regulatory authorities, conservationists and research centres like the CSIRO to ensure your pests are controlled and re-infestation doesn’t occur.

Our decades of experience, our knowledge of the local environment and advanced pest control techniques has allowed us to continue developing the best pest protection for your home.

  • Possum Removal

    These cute looking creatures may look harmless, and truth be told they usually stay away from humans, however it’s the property damage and the unhygienic possum waste that cause distress.

    Possums regularly rummage around in garbage searching for food and other scraps. It’s not uncommon for them to nest in roof spaces turning a neat and organized space into a mess of droppings, damaged surrounds and urine stains.
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  • Rat Removal

    Pairs of rats breeding within ideal conditions have amazingly been known to produce over 350 million offspring within 3 years which can cause massive problems for both residential and commercial premises. No other pest carries more diseases and being nocturnal they are often more difficult to find and catch.

    Our expert staff understand their behaviour and instincts and can employ strategies to remove them.
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  • Mice Control

    Mice cause serious damage by chewing on insulation, furniture, expensive goods and wiring which can create a fire hazard, endangering you, your family and/or staff.

    Mice cause massive damage as they not only damage your properties structure but they also damage your goods as well. Mice regularly chew furniture and other expensive goods and they tend to hoard food scraps, magazines, newspapers and will contaminate your food as well as eating it.
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  • Ant Control

    By travelling in large numbers ants cause extensive problems for properties. By providing shelter, warmth from the cold in winter and food and water options, Australian homes can be havens for ants. Ants prefer places such as kitchens, roofs and under floors.

    Removal from kitchen and food storage areas as quickly as possible helps to reduce risk of disease.
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  • Wasp Removal

    Wasps pose a serious health problem and their presence can have a significant and often detrimental effect on your family or members of your staff’s well-being. When provoked wasps are much more aggressive than bees and often sting multiple times without dying.

    It’s important for professionals to find and destroy any wasp nests near your home or work.
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  • Bee Hive Control

    It’s well known that bees only sting as a last resort but despite this they are extremely territorial and can be very intimidating for your family or staff.

    Homes, apartments or commercial buildings with surrounding plants and flowers tend to attract bees and which can then create hives housing up to 20,000 bees. Bees are most often noticed during spring when they tend to be out more gathering nectar.
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  • Cockroach Control

    Adult cockroaches are quite capable of living for nearly 2 months without food which makes cockroaches extremely difficult to remove. As well as this they are prolific breeders with an adult male and female being capable of producing a million offspring within a year.

    If they get into kitchens and food storage areas they can produce havoc and as such early intervention is recommended.
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  • Flea Treatment & Control

    Fleas are usually first noticed by minor rashes and itchiness on the arms and legs of people in their vicinity. If you have noticed this, then you may have fleas in your property.

    Fleas generally leave bite marks which leave a round red area on the skin with a small darker red spot in the centre. This causes itchiness which cannot be relieved by scratching.
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  • Silverfish Control

    Silverfish are tempted indoors seeking warmth and shelter and prefer dark environments such as clothing warehouses, food and document storage areas. Silverfish breed quickly like many other insects and are capable or doing considerable damage if intervention is not provided.

    Once a Silverfish colony has been established removal is much more difficult as like cockroaches they can survive a long time without eating.
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  • Spider Control

    Spiders usually only bite if they are threatened or encroached upon but for some people just the sight of them is enough to evoke fear.

    Generally the initial signs of a spider problem is when you start to see a number of baby spiders. It’s important that you get professional pest controllers if you have such a spider infestation as it isn’t generally safe or effective to try removing them if you are untrained and you may just find they keep coming back.
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  • Stored Product Pest Removal

    Stored product pests are insects like pantry moths which reside in food and other kitchen items that are easily accessible. Often people discard any contaminated products when these moths are found, but this won’t fix the issue if there is an infestation in your property as the moths will just return.

    These pests are often transported into your proerpty in foodstuff that has been purchased from a range of suppliers.
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  • Bed Bug Control

    Bed bugs are most commonly found in places where many different people frequently come and go. This includes commercial businesses like hotels, hostels, cinemas, doctor’s premises, hospitals, buses, trams, trains and airports.

    As they are parasitic, bed bugs feed on blood and will often travel with their host for a long time. They are also very good at adapting to new environments, which can make very hard for bed bugs to detect and remove.
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    Bed Bugs