Cockroach Control In Melbourne & Adelaide

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Adult cockroaches are quite capable of living for nearly 2 months without food which makes cockroaches extremely difficult to remove. As well as this they are prolific breeders with an adult male and female being capable of producing a million offspring within a year. If they get into kitchens and food storage areas they can produce havoc and as such early intervention is recommended.

Cockroaches prefer enclosed warm spaces such as offices and food storage areas and are capable of causing damage that can total tens of thousands of dollars. For these reasons we recommend reporting on cockroach infestations on a weekly or preferably daily basis.

To limit cockroach infestations it’s vitally important that we find and treat them before they begin to affect your work or family life.

Cockroach Prevention

Below are some preventative steps that can be taken to help avoid more serious cockroach infestations:

  1. Secure food by keeping it in airtight containers.
  2. Make sure you always clean up food scraps and crumbs in kitchen and eating areas.
  3. Regularly empty your bins, and secure them with tight lids.
  4. Seal cracks where cockroaches hide.

Expert cockroach control

Our staff deal with a large number of cockroach infestations, and so they will quickly identify their habits, where they nest and where they get their food from. As soon as this has been identified we can implement our cockroach control strategies, which will eliminate any potential for ongoing problems.

Preventing infestations from exploding into larger more damaging situations is far easier to deal with but its never too late to make a difference.