Spider Control In Melbourne & Adelaide

spider control

Spiders usually only bite if they are threatened or encroached upon but for some people just the sight of them is enough to evoke fear.

Do you have a serious spider problem?

Generally the initial signs of a spider problem is when you start to see a number of baby spiders. It’s important that you get professional pest controllers if you have such a spider infestation as it isn’t generally safe or effective to try removing them if you are untrained and you may just find they keep coming back.

Spider Prevention

Spiders usually come into your property looking for food, but will leave fairly quickly if they can’t get any. Make sure all food is in sealed containers and that areas such as bathrooms and kitchens are clean and free from webs in the corners of rooms, storage areas or behind furniture.

Peter the Possum Man will both professionally control any spiders in your property and show you how to prevent them from coming back. If you have a severe spider problem call us on 1300 933 789.