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In their regular native habitat, possums live in tree hollows. As there aren’t many natural hollowed out trees in suburban areas, possums invade the roofs of both domestic and commercial properties.  This often causes considerable damage to roofs, ceilings and electrical wiring.

Proper possum control is obtained by not only blocking the obvious entry points, but also by strengthening susceptible gaps and holes. This additional prevention deters possums from forcing their way into your property in the future.

One-way exits are placed in the most common possum access points to allow the possums to leave the roof void, while all other possible entries are sealed. Once the possums have vacated the ceiling void, we then remove the one-way exits and block the final openings.

In some rare circumstances, cages may also be used within the roof void. Caged possums are released on site in accordance with the conditions of our Wildlife Control Licence, recognizing that possums generally do not survive relocation.

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At Peter the Possum Man, our comprehensive service includes:

  • Investigating all obvious entry holes.
  • Proofing and sealing holes with suitable materials.
  • Examining all ridge capping, particularly corner pieces, and cementing where necessary to ensure they are secure.
  • Checking all lower roof tiles adjacent to spouting, re-setting and cementing if required.
  • Replacing broken tiles and re-nailing loose corrugated iron where appropriate.
  • Exploring all of the eaves and proofing where necessary.
  • Examining gables and re-pointing where necessary.
  • Baiting for control of rats, which often accompany an infestation of possums.
  • Permanently open areas, such as sub-floors and chimneys are excluded.

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