Possum Removal In Melbourne & Adelaide

These cute looking creatures may look harmless, and truth be told they usually stay away from humans, however it’s the property damage and the unhygienic possum waste that cause distress.

Possums regularly rummage around in garbage searching for food and other scraps. It’s not uncommon for them to nest in roof spaces turning a neat and organized space into a mess of droppings, damaged surrounds and urine stains.

When possums settle in, like most pests, they usually come in waves, inviting all their family and friends to join in on their newly discovered source of food and shelter.

peter the possum

Possum prevention

There are some simple steps you can try taking to stop possums nesting in roof spaces and other cavities. Firstly, make sure all your external bins are secure so they can’t get in and forage for food scraps. Maintain your landscaped areas, paying close attention to overhanging branches and trees.

Professional possum removal

When it comes to removing possums, we don’t recommend you attempt it yourself. Our professional technicians are fully equipped with all the protective gear, animal knowledge and tools necessary to remove them safely and quickly. With 70 years of commercial possum removal experience, we’re confident we can keep your home or office pest-free for many years to come.

Dead possum removal

If you have a possum that has died in your property usually the first thing you notice is the smell. Left where it is the rotting carcass will likely attract other pests which will spread disease. Peter the Possum Man use industrial strength deodorizers that are environmentally friendly to kill any bugs feeding on the possum and take away the smell.