A Household Name for Possum Removal and Pest Control in Melbourne

A sensitive approach to urban possum problems has made Peter the Possum Man a household name in Melbourne and surrounds; whether you’re based close to Melbourne’s CBD, or out in Melbourne’s eastern, western, or northern suburbs. Our Melbourne pest control solutions and possum removal services see us working closely with a number of regulatory authorities, conservationists, and research centres to ensure everything we do is environmentally friendly, and that your pest problem is controlled.

Possum Removal

Possum removal, Pest control - Peter the Possum Man Melbourne Brushtail and Ringtail Possums are common throughout Melbourne, and while these somewhat cute animals are mostly harmless, they can cause considerable damage if they choose to nest in roof spaces. And while you might start off with one or two possums in your roof, it doesn’t take long for many more to move in, making the problem even worse. There are steps you can take to prevent possums invading and setting up home on your property, but if possums have already started nesting in your roof we strongly recommend you use a professional possum removal service rather than attempting to tackle the problem yourself. Our skilled technicians have all the required equipment and training to safely remove possums in accordance with conservation regulations, and to then advise you on how to prevent any possums from accessing your property in the future.

Controlling and Removing Rats

Rats have a very fast reproduction cycle, so a small rat problem – left uncontrolled – can rapidly turn into a nightmare. Rats are attracted to easy sources of food, and spaces that allow them to nest undisturbed, and they will not hesitate to chew into and through most materials to get to food and to make their nests. This includes chewing into electrical insulators, increasing the risk of electrical fires. But the other risk from rats is disease, with rats known to carry serious diseases such as murine typhus, rat-bite fever, salmonella and meningitis. The expertly trained staff at Peter the Possum Man in Melbourne will not only help eliminate any rat problem you have, they will also offer up long-term solutions to ensure the problem doesn’t recur.

Ant Control

Like many other pests, ants are drawn to easy sources of food, and environments that shield them from the elements. If you have an ant problem in your garden, it won’t be long before they migrate to inside your home. But unlike other pests, ants are very good at keeping their nests and the rest of the colony well-hidden, making it difficult for you to properly treat the problem yourself. Our professionally trained Melbourne pest controllers used industry standard baits, powders, and sprays that are harmless to humans, but very effective at eliminating and controlling all types of ants. Some of our solutions are aimed at eliminating visible ant problems, while our baits are designed to be carried back to the colony, effectively wiping out the entire nest.

Expert Cockroach Control

You may think your home or workplace is clean and unappealing to pests, but cockroaches aren’t deterred by sanitary conditions and spaces if there is even the smallest trace of food, hinting at a much larger source of food. Cockroaches breed prolifically, and are also able to survive for long periods of time without food, so taking steps to store food in more secure containers, keeping food preparation areas clean, and making sure your bins are emptied regularly will help in not attracting cockroaches to your home or business, but won’t necessarily eliminate any cockroach problems you already have. For expert cockroach control in Melbourne you need professional help, with our staff able to not only identify behaviour patterns, but to also identify where cockroaches nest, and what food source is the cause of the problem. Once they have established all of this it is much easier for them to implement a solution that not only eliminates them, but also prevents future infestations.

At Peter the Possum Man we take care of all kinds of pests, not just possums. From mice control, wasp removal, and flea treatments, through to helping you remove beehives, get rid of bed bugs and stored product pests, and controlling spiders and silverfish. And we service both residential homes and businesses throughout Melbourne and surrounding areas, from the inner city, through to all suburbs and surrounding towns and regions.

Our Approach to Possum Removal

At Peter the Possum Man we only use environmentally sound techniques for possum removal and pest control.

Possums have taken to invading roof spaces in built-up, suburban areas due to the lack of their natural habitats: hollowed out trees. Our approach to possum removal is to first identify and then block possible entry points, preventing possums from gaining entry to your property both now and in the future. The most obvious entry point is turned into a one-way exit that prevents any possums from entering your roof space and other nesting areas, but still makes it possible for any possums currently living in your roof space to leave. Once all possums have left the space, the one-way exit is removed, and the entryway is permanently blocked.

Only in certain circumstances will we resort to using cages to capture stubborn possums, which we then release as required by our Wildlife Control Licence. Regulations prohibit possums from being relocated, instead requiring them to be released within 50 metres of where they were trapped.

Our other pest control services include:

  • Identifying and sealing all possible entry points for other pests.
  • Replacing broken tiles and fixing loose corrugated iron in place where necessary.
  • Placing bait traps for the control of rats, since rats often follow an infestation of possums.
  • Thoroughly examining all parts of your property, excluding permanently open areas, sub-floors, and chimneys, for possible possum entry points.
  • Implementing environmentally friendly solutions for the elimination and control of other pests.

We always ensure that all our pest control solutions are also not harmful to humans, and implemented in such a way as to not pose any risks to pets and wildlife.

We are based in Port Melbourne, but provide possum removal services and pest control solutions throughout greater Melbourne, into surrounding areas and regions, including:

  • Ballarat
  • Craigieburn
  • Daylesford
  • Frankston and the Mornington Peninsula
  • Geelong and the Bellarine Peninsula
  • Healesville and the Yarra Ranges
  • Kyneton
  • Melton
  • Mount Macedon
  • Werribee

Our pest control and possum removal prices in Melbourne depends on the size of the problem, along with the size of your property, and a few other factors. Call us on 1300 933 749, or request a quote via our online form, and we’ll get back to you with a custom quote within 24 hours.

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