Silverfish Control In Melbourne & Adelaide

silverfish control

Silverfish are tempted indoors seeking warmth and shelter and prefer dark environments such as clothing warehouses, food and document storage areas. Silverfish breed quickly like many other insects and are capable or doing considerable damage if intervention is not provided.

Silverfish Prevention

Once a Silverfish colony has been established removal is much more difficult as like cockroaches they can survive a long time without eating. Therefore we suggest some of these simple steps to help prevent them.

  1. Cleanliness – Sounds obvious but ensuring that your property is kept clean helps prevent silverfish.
  2. Remove their food – make sure there are no food crumbs and other sources of food lying around.
  3. Hide their food – use air-tight containers to store any starchy foods.
  4. Remove their water – repair any leaking taps to eliminate their water source.
  5. Get ride of out of date documents dusty piles of papers and magazines.

Professional Silverfish Control

Silverfish create problems for domestic and commercial premises, as they will cause damage to many of your goods including books, paper with glue or paste, fabrics, bathroom products, cereals, flour, crumbs and plant materials and they can also contaminate foods.

Sealing entry points

Silverfish love to make homes in gaps in walls and floors. They often lay their eggs in cracks between the floors and walls which can create an infestation. Filling all holes with plaster, or caulking is advised. Apply extra sealing protection to storage areas. Instead of storing items in cardboard boxes use plastic containers.

Repairing wallpaper

Silverfish love eating wallpaper glue which makes removing them harder if you have wallpaper. A sign of silverfish in your wallpaper if there are bits of it which are peeling. Reattached or remove any damaged wallpaper.

Keep dry to prevent silverfish

Silverfish like moisture and so storage spaces with ventilation and water sources removed will not be as desirable to them. Make sure you fix any leaky pipes or taps.
Many silverfish treatment products are not be suitable for contact with your family or friends. So its important to get the right advice. Our staff are professionally trained in comprehensive silverfish pest solutions, so call us now on 1300 933 789.