Ant Control In Melbourne & Adelaide

By travelling in large numbers ants cause extensive problems for properties. By providing shelter, warmth from the cold in winter and food and water options, Australian homes can be havens for ants. Ants prefer places such as kitchens, roofs and under floors.
Ant control

Ant problems

Ants are attracted to unsanitary places with food scraps and rotting garbage and spread disease when they move from these places into your property. As well as this some species such as fire ants and bull ant’s have some of the most painful bites/stings known to the insect world.

Removal from kitchen and food storage areas as quickly as possible helps to reduce risk of disease.

Ant Control Solutions

Using industry grade equipment and expertly trained our staff will only use baits, dust and sprays that are harmless to both your family and staff. Prior to commencing any ant extermination we thoroughly inspection your premises using proper equipment which helps us locate the ants and any ants nests.

Ant Baiting

Ant Baiting works effectively as the ants usually transport the poison back to their nest which kills the whole nest. We are licensed to use industry grade baits which will remove the ants a lot quicker than anything that can be purchased for domestic use.

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