Bee Hive Control In Melbourne & Adelaide

It’s well known that bees only sting as a last resort but despite this they are extremely territorial and can be very intimidating for your family or staff.

Because of this we recommend that you don’t try to manage the bees by yourself but rather leave it to our expert staff.

Homes, apartments or commercial buildings with surrounding plants and flowers tend to attract bees and which can then create hives housing up to 20,000 bees. Bees are most often noticed during spring when they tend to be out more gathering nectar.

bee control

Where bees nest

During Spring and Summer bee populations tend to rise and so new colonies will look for a new place to nest. They look to build their nests in trees but sometimes can build them within wall cavities or ceiling voids.

How do we control bees?

Our preference is to move the entire bee colony rather than killing the bees as the benefits bees bring to our environment far outweigh their detraction’s as a pest.

When we move a bee colony we do so completely without harming them.

Call us on 1300 933 789 to arrange an immediate inspection and assessment if you think there maybe a hive close to your premises.