Wasp Removal In Melbourne & Adelaide

Wasps pose a serious health problem and their presence can have a significant and often detrimental effect on your family or members of your staff’s well-being. When provoked wasps are much more aggressive than bees and often sting multiple times without dying.

wasp control

Finding a wasp’s nest

It’s important for professionals to find and destroy any wasp nests near your home or work. Like bees, they usually nest in surrounding trees, guttering or within walls of a building. Wasps will often sting if people or animals get in their path, so any nests near your home or work will likely put you in the line of fire.

Removing wasp’s nest

Removing a wasp nest should always be done by a professional pest control company as it is not a easy to do. Specific chemicals are required to be sprayed on to the nest to properly ensure all wasps are destroyed. Exterminating wasps is preferred as they don’t pollinate flowers like bees do.

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