6 Steps to Keep Possums Out of Your Home

Possums are like Geminis: they’ve got two sides to their personality. Possums are cute, fluffy, native animals but we want to appreciate them from a distance. When they get too close and make your roof their home, they become noisy, destructive and smelly creatures – and all of their good traits seem to vanish in a heartbeat! So, to keep possums out of your home, keep reading. We’ve given you 6 steps you can take to stave off possums.

1. Get an inspection

Getting a professional in pest control to inspect your home is the first tip in keeping possums out of your home. These possum experts are able to identify entry points, seal them up and spot anything else that could be attracting possums or any other pest. When a professional inspects your home, you’ll have peace of mind that possums won’t be able to access your roof and make a den out of it.

2. Trim branches near your roof

Branches that hang over your roof are one of the ways that possums climb on top of it. Keeping these branches pruned at all times will decrease the odds of a possum infestation. You can do this yourself with a ladder and clippers, or simply ask your possum expert, who will be able to do this for you.

3. Repellents

There are a number of repellents available for possums. One of the most popular is Quassia chips, which repel possums with their strong scent. Buy them from your locally-owned hardware store and spread them in vulnerable areas. Possums also hate the smell of garlic, so you could place crushed cloves around the place too.

4. Motion sensor lights

Motion sensor lights on your roof are a great way to keep possums away from your home. These bright lights scare off the nocturnal possum, preventing it from checking out your roof as its next home. 

5. Install a possum box

Possum boxes are a great way to coexist with possums. They create a home for your furry friend while keeping them away from your roof. This way, you can appreciate these beautiful native creatures from a good distance. 

6. Plant possum-repelling plants

Possums are repelled by a number of garden plants, including mint, geraniums and chrysanthemums. Planting these plants are a two in one: they not only keep possums away, but they also make your garden look fantastic.

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