How much does it cost to remove a possum?

Possums are kind of like sharks. Well, not really. But think about sharks being amazing, beautiful creatures that are fascinating to watch, and yet you never want to get too close to them. Possums are like that: obviously, for different reasons. So, if you’ve got a possum problem in your home, it’s absolutely necessary that you hire a professional to handle it. Since it’s not a service that you pay for regularly, it’s understandable that one question is lingering in your mind… how much does it cost to remove a possum? Let’s go through a few factors that determine how much it will cost for possum removal.

The repairs that need doing

Catching and releasing a possum is easy – it’s fixing the mess that it caused which can be time-consuming. If your possum removalist inspects your home and finds that the possums have been quite polite and haven’t caused much damage, the service as a whole will cost less than if the possums were being naughty.

When possums are being naughty, they can get up to a fair bit of mischief. Roofs, ceilings and electrical wires are the most common parts of your home which possums are likely to damage. If the possums in your roof have broken roof tiles or damaged your ceiling, then a good possum removalist will be able to replace and repair where possible. This necessary service will cost a bit more to complete.

A good possum removalist will also inspect your gables. If they need repointing due to possum damage, this will also contribute to the cost of your possum removal.

 The number of access points

If there are more than a single access point, then more work will need to be done and it will, in turn, cost more to effectively remove the possums. Each access point needs to be sealed off with proper equipment, materials and workmanship. Of course, all access points must be sealed, otherwise, your possum problems will persist.

Where the possums are located

Where the possums are located in your home – on the roof or under the house – determines how much the removal service will cost. There are different methods and different equipment that must be used in each circumstance, and this will affect the cost of the operation.

Who you hire

Finally, hiring the right team for the job will also affect the cost of removing a possum. The experts at Peter the Possum Man provide competitive prices for all of their services, ensuring you are permanently rid of your possum issues while saving you a buck. With over 75 years’ experience, they know that keeping customers happy lies in fair pricing and the best quality service. If you want to know how much it costs for a team of highly experienced professionals to remove possums from your home, call Peter the Possum Man for a quote and inspection today.