How to Get Rid of Possums from Your Home

When we talk about ‘getting rid’ of possums from our homes, we don’t mean we never want to see them again. They’re beautiful creatures and they have a right to live safe, happy lives alongside our own. We simply mean we don’t want them as housemates or running amok on our roofs. There are a few great ways to get rid of possums from your home safely and humanely.

Consult an expert

The first thing to do when there are possums in your home is to consult a professional possum removalist like Peter the Possum Man. They’ll inspect your home, determine ways in which possums are gaining access, install one-way passages to let the possums out of your roof or floor without letting them back in, and then permanently block the entrances. They’ll also point out other areas of your home which allow for the entry of possums and tell you how to fix them.

Install a possum box

If you’re a lover of animals, including possums, then this is an ideal way to get possums out of your home and into your backyard. A possum removalist will need to work their magic and remove the possum from your home first. Then, they’ll be able to set up a wooden possum box in a tree in your yard. The next step is to fill the box with fresh fruit to invite the possum into its new home before your possum removalist releases it near the possum box. This way, you can appreciate your furry friends without waking up in the middle of the night to screeching, scratching and scampering on your roof.


If the main concern around possums in your home involves your garden, then we’ve got a trick you can use to get rid of them. There are plenty of plants that possums steer clear of, including geraniums, mint and prickly plants like banksias and hakeas. Plant these around your garden or veggie patch to prevent possums from making their mark on it.


There are a few repellents that are said to be effective on possums. Garlic is one scent that possums are repulsed by. Others have reported Tabasco sauce and Quassia chips to be an effective method of getting rid of possums from your home. Consult your possum removalist to determine which repellent is best for you.

Getting rid of possums from your home may seem like a big task, but when you have help from a professional like Peter the Possum Man, it becomes a whole lot easier. They have the right equipment and expertise to solve your possum problem quickly and effectively. The team at Peter the Possum Man have over 75 years of experience in possum removal, resulting in countless happy suburban homeowners and happy possums too.