How to Keep Mice Out of Your Home

Scuttering sounds in the night? Tiny feet, pitter-pattering across your floor? Evidence of small, pellet-like droppings? Sounds like you might have a mouse problem. If you do have a mouse problem, the first step is not to panic. The next step is to read this post and learn of a number of ways to keep the mice out of your home. We’ll also tell you who to consult if you need the best pest control team in Melbourne or Adelaide.

Block off possible entry points

This can be a difficult task which often needs to be done by a professional in pest control. Blocking the entry points is always the first step to making sure that those mice can’t run amok in your home. Mice are infamously good at getting through cracks: even a gap of 1cm is enough for them to squeeze through. There are some common entry points to check, including your garage and your roof. Any little gaps should be blocked off, either by spray foam insulation or boarding it up with a small, thin piece of timber.

Keep pet food stored safely

Mice are often attracted to the smell of pet food, especially when it’s left out in the open overnight. Make sure your pet’s bowl is empty during the night and that your pet food is stored securely. Airtight jars are a great option for this. 

Keep the house clean

Along with pet food, mice are also attracted to the smell of crumbs and food scraps. Always clean your bench tops and dinner table immediately – mice are very good climbers and can access even the highest of places. Vacuum your floor regularly, sucking up any crumbs that could have been spilled. 

Call a professional

Want to be absolutely sure that mice won’t be inviting themselves into your home? Contact a professional in pest control. These pros inspect your home, blocking off any possible access points and giving you complete peace of mind. They also set traps and baits where necessary. 

Keeping mice out of one’s home is something that all homeowners and dwellers want to do. Professional help is available through Peter the Possum Man. They’re an expert team in pest control, servicing Melbourne and Adelaide, preventing mice from ever inviting themselves into your home. With a long-lasting, effective service at competitive prices, Peter the Possum Man pride themselves on delivering high quality pest control for everybody. Grab a quote from the team today.

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