How to Keep Your Home Possum and Rat-Free

While we may love animals, there are certainly some that we want to keep away from our homes. Possums and rats are common household pests that each have their own unwanted traits. Possums can damage your roof and keep you awake at night with their screeching and scratching, while rats are known for carrying diseases and compromising the hygiene standards of your home. So, to keep your home possum and rat-free, read our guide for tips below.

Get an inspection

Getting a professional in pest control to inspect your home is the first tip in keeping your home possum and rat-free. These experts are able to identify pest entry points, seal them up and spot anything else that could be attracting possums, rats or any other pest. Once a professional has given your home a once-over, you’ll have peace of mind that your home is pest-free.

Motion sensor lights

Motion sensor lights on your roof are a great way to keep possums away from your home. These bright lights scare off the nocturnal possum, preventing it from checking out your roof as its next home. 


There are repellents available for both possums and rats. Quassia chips are an effective repellent for possums. Buy them from your locally owned hardware store and spread them in vulnerable areas. Rat repellents come in the form of ultrasonic noise generators, producing high-pitched noises (not able to be heard by humans) that scare off rats and mice.

Keep food away

Keeping your food stored away from accessible places is another trick to having a possum and rat-free home. Possums are attracted to open bins outside, allowing them to rummage through the trash in hopes of scoring a snack. Keep these bins in a more secure location and make sure you don’t overfill them. Rats are attracted to food inside your home. Keep food scraps off the floor and be sure to regularly take out the kitchen and compost bins.

Prune branches that are near your roof

Possums love to hang out in trees, especially if they provide access to your roof. Keeping these trees pruned is a good way to keep possums off your roof. This way, they’ll have one less way to climb onto your roof at night and cause a ruckus. This service can be performed by a possum removalist like the team at Peter the Possum Man.

Keeping your home possum and rat free seems like a big task at first, but it gets a whole lot easier once you talk with the team at Peter the Possum Man. They’re one of Adelaide and Melbourne’s most experienced teams in possum control and other pest management. Get your home possum and rat proof today by booking an inspection with Peter the Possum Man.

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