How to possum proof your roof

We love our possums in Australia. How could you not? They’re beautiful, they’re curious and they’re an iconic part of Australian life. Although they’re great, we just don’t appreciate it when they decide to move in. They can be noisy, leave bad smells and cause damage to your home. Thankfully, there are a few ways to possum proof your roof so that you can express your love for possums from a good, safe distance.

Prune nearby branches

If you have tall trees next to your roof, possums will likely be able to gain access to your roof via nearby branches. Keeping on top of their length will make it harder for possums to climb onto your roof and make the racket they’re so well known for making. You should leave this job to an expert, as they’ll be able to tell you which branches the possums are using to climb onto your roof and they’ll also be able to prune the branches safely. Given it involves working from a height, this presents a hazard and so an expert will have the correct safety equipment for the job.

Possum repellents

Another way to possum proof your roof is to use a repellent. There are quite a few repellents for possums on your roof, so it might be worth trying one. These repellents work on either the possums’ sense of smell or taste. Tabasco sauce has been said to be an effective repellent, and others have found Quassia chips to be the best method. The results of using possum repellents have been inconsistent, with some reporting that it works a treat and others saying it doesn’t do much. Still, it’s a worthwhile attempt of possum proofing your roof.


If you’re worried about a particular spot on your roof that possums may be able to gain access to, it might be worth installing a spotlight there to possum proof your roof. Possums don’t like bright lights, so they’re likely to steer clear if a spotlight suddenly flashes at them.

The best way to possum proof your roof

There is only one way to absolutely guarantee that possums won’t make your roof their home. This is to call an expert like the ones at Peter the Possum Man. They find areas of your roof that possums are likely to enter and block them off, preventing possums from gaining access. They’ll also inspect other areas of your roof and explain what needs to be done to make it 100% possum proof. With over 75 years of experience in possum proofing homes in Australia, they’ll fix it once, fix it fast and fix it well.

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