Is It a Possum or a Rat in My Roof

You’re sleeping peacefully in your bed, dreaming of sailing your yacht in the Bahamas. The dream is going great; you’re surrounded by celebrities and you’re engaged in a deep conversation with Alec Baldwin. All of a sudden, your yacht hits an iceberg (common in the Bahamas, of course), producing a deafening scraping, scratching sound. You wake up and realise that the sound is very real – it’s coming from your roof!

Nobody wants to be torn away their conversation with Alec Baldwin by a pesky possum or rat in their roof. So, the first question is, which one is it? Possum or rat? Here are a few ways that you can tell which one of these household pests has made a home out of your roof.


Possums and rats make very different sounds from one another. Rats tend to make a scuttering sound, as their claws tip-tap across your roof cavity. Possums are larger animals and often make more noise. Running sounds and scratching sounds coming from your roof is a good indicator that you’ve got a possum infestation. They’re also distinguishable by their calling sounds which can be screechy and high-pitched.


If you have easy access to your roof or roof cavity, you can have a look to check for any droppings. Rats and possums have very different droppings. Rat droppings are small, thin and pellet-like whereas possum droppings are larger. If you find droppings in your roof or roof cavity, call an expert in pest control immediately.


If your roof cavity is damaged in any way, you’ll be able to tell which household pest is active in your roof by observing the vandalism. Rats have smaller claws than possums, so if there’s any scratching that seems to have been made by smaller claws, it’s possible you have a rat problem. Possums have larger claws which can cause a fair bit more damage. Look out for large scratch marks, chewed up cables and bigger entry holes.

Whichever problem you have, make sure you contact the pest experts at Peter the Possum Man. They’ve handled countless pest problems across the Melbourne and Adelaide regions, implementing effective and long-lasting solutions to ensure that your uninvited little housemates don’t return. Grab a quote from your local pest control specialists at Peter the Possum Man.

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