Is it bad to have possums in your roof?

They’re cute, fluffy, native animals… so how could it be bad to have possums living in your roof? Well, put simply, they just are. There are a bunch of reasons why it’s not ideal to have possums in your roof, including the state of your home and your personal health. In this post, we’re going to give you just a few reasons why you can’t keep possums in your roof and why you must call a professional to safely remove them.

They’re noisy!

Imagine you’re resting in a peaceful slumber in the middle of the night. Then, suddenly, you hear a barrage of little feet barrelling across your roof. Then comes the screeching, the scratching and the rest of the cacophony. That’s not the sound of a miniature zombie apocalypse – that’s the sound of possums wreaking havoc on your roof.

Possibly one of the worst possum noises occurs when they get underneath your floors. The scratching and hissing sounds are so close, as if you were watching a horror movie on Netflix. If possums were able to get into your roof, the last thing you want is them getting under your floors too.

Damaging to your home

Another reason why it’s bad to have possums in your roof is that they can cause damage to your home. Possums are known to break roof tiles, damage ceilings and chew on electrical wires. These problems are all expensive ones to fix, and the longer it goes on, the more you’ll have to pay in repairs once the possums are caught and released.


Not only can they cause structural damage to your property, but they’ll disrespect the heck out of your home while they’re there too. You know the saying, “don’t crap where you eat”? Possums are crapping where you eat. Possum droppings in your roof are unhygienic and are an invitation for other insects attracted to the smell. Removing the possums means removing the doo-doo that they leave all over your home.

On top of this, possum urine has a very distinct and pungent smell. Like cat urine, it’s incredibly hard to get rid of and requires cleaning and ventilating. The longer you allow possums to inhabit your roof, the harder it will be to get rid of the foul odour.

What to do if possums are in your roof

Now that you know why it’s bad to have possums in your roof, it’s time to do something about it. Calling a professional possum removalist like Peter the Possum Man is the most effective way of getting the possums out and making sure they can’t come back. The team at Peter the Possum Man will locate the entry points, humanely and safely remove the possums, block the entry points, repair any damage and release the possums back into the wild. With over 75 years of experience, they can make it seem as if the possums were never there, so contact Peter the Possum Man today.