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How much does it cost to remove a possum?

Possums are kind of like sharks. Well, not really. But think about sharks being amazing, beautiful creatures that are fascinating to watch, and yet you never want to get too close to them. Possums are like that: obviously, for different reasons. So, if you’ve got a possum problem in your home, it’s absolutely necessary that you hire a professional to handle it. Since it’s not a service that you pay for regularly, it’s understandable that one question is lingering in your mind… how much does it cost to remove a possum? Let’s go through a few factors that determine how much it will cost for possum removal.

The repairs that need doing

Catching and releasing a possum is easy – it’s fixing the mess that it caused which can be time-consuming. If your possum removalist inspects your home and finds that the possums have been quite polite and haven’t caused much damage, the service as a whole will cost less than if the possums were being naughty.

When possums are being naughty, they can get up to a fair bit of mischief. Roofs, ceilings and electrical wires are the most common parts of your home which possums are likely to damage. If the possums in your roof have broken roof tiles or damaged your ceiling, then a good possum removalist will be able to replace and repair where possible. This necessary service will cost a bit more to complete.

A good possum removalist will also inspect your gables. If they need repointing due to possum damage, this will also contribute to the cost of your possum removal.

 The number of access points

If there are more than a single access point, then more work will need to be done and it will, in turn, cost more to effectively remove the possums. Each access point needs to be sealed off with proper equipment, materials and workmanship. Of course, all access points must be sealed, otherwise, your possum problems will persist.

Where the possums are located

Where the possums are located in your home – on the roof or under the house – determines how much the removal service will cost. There are different methods and different equipment that must be used in each circumstance, and this will affect the cost of the operation.

Who you hire

Finally, hiring the right team for the job will also affect the cost of removing a possum. The experts at Peter the Possum Man provide competitive prices for all of their services, ensuring you are permanently rid of your possum issues while saving you a buck. With over 75 years’ experience, they know that keeping customers happy lies in fair pricing and the best quality service. If you want to know how much it costs for a team of highly experienced professionals to remove possums from your home, call Peter the Possum Man for a quote and inspection today.

How do I stop possums getting on my roof?

Possums may be cute, fluffy and iconic Australian animals, but the last thing you want is for them to make your roof their home or their playground. If there’s a possum on your roof, we can pretty much guarantee you’ll know about it. The screeching, the scratching, the scampering of little feet across your roof… all these sounds are bound to wake up even the heaviest of sleepers. Luckily, there are ways you can stop possums getting on your roof and that’s what we’re going to discuss today.

Blocking off openings

A professional possum removalist will look for openings and entry points to stop possums from getting on your roof. They know where to look and know the common entry points for possums in suburban neighbourhoods. This will stop the possums from moving into your place, rent-free. Possums cause damage to your property when they move into your roof, like breaking roof tiles, chewing electrical wires and damaging ceilings. Getting a possum removalist to block the entry points will make sure that this won’t happen.

Lights with motion sensors

Your possum expert may also suggest a motion sensor-activated spotlight as a way to keep possums from getting on your roof. Possums hate bright lights. When a possum crosses the sensor, the light will activate and frighten the possum away. Talk to a possum removalist before buying one, to see whether this is a suitable option for you.


If you’re more worried about the possums using your roof as a playground at night, then one way to stop them may be to use a repellent. Though the results of possum repellents have been inconsistent, it’s an easy and worthwhile method of trying to stop them from getting on your roof. From garden fertilizers to natural products like Quassia chips and household products like Tabasco sauce, there are a range of repellents that have been known to work on possums. Consult your possum expert before investing in a repellent.

Remove food

Possums are attracted to the smell of food. If your garbage bins are easy to access or your pet’s food is left outside, the possums are more likely to be attracted to your home and, therefore, your roof. Securing your bins and taking your pet’s food inside at night are good ways to deter possums from your home.

The best way to stop possums getting on your roof is to simply call a possum removalist like Peter the Possum Man and let them take care of it for you. A possum professional will know all the right ways to stop possums wreaking havoc on your roof. This is the only way to guarantee that your roof is free from possums, for good. Contact the expert team at Peter the Possum Man for the most effective possum proofing service.

How do I get rid of possums?

Possums may look cute and may be an Australian icon, but we should all be able to appreciate them from a distance. Having possums in your roof or underneath your floor is an irritating problem. Not only are they noisy but they can also damage your home.

Getting rid of possums from your home can be complicated. There are a few reasons why doing it yourself can be more trouble than it’s worth. So, in this post we’re going to tell you the best way to get rid of possums and why it’s best to call in a professional.

Possums are native animals

Possums being native animals doesn’t just imply that there is a strong sense of patriotism attached to them. It means there are certain laws that protect them and that indicate how you can deal with them if they’re wreaking havoc in your home. The laws differ slightly from state to state, but here’s a break down of some laws around trapping possums:

  • Some states require you to have a license to trap a possum.
  • You must use a cage that won’t harm the possum in the process, usually available through pest control businesses or wildlife rescue services.
  • Once trapped, they must not be kept in direct sunlight or in rainy or windy conditions. They mustn’t be kept in the presence of domestic pets.
  • You must release the possum on the same day it’s caught, after sunset.
  • You must not release the possum more than 50 metres away from your property. It is illegal to relocate a possum as they will not survive in a new territory.

There are penalties for breaking the rules

Breaking any of these rules around trapping and releasing possums can result in fines. We’re not talking about a slap on the wrist either; breaking these laws can result in a fine of up to $7,500. So while it is possible to trap and release possums on your own, it may not even permanently solve your possum problem, and further, getting it wrong could cost you, big time.

Permanently getting rid of possums in a safe, ethical and cost-effective way

The best way to get rid of possums from your home is simple: call a professional possum removalist. An expert possum removal team like the one at Peter the Possum Man will talk you through the process of making sure your possums are kept away from your house for good. This involves locating the possum nest, blocking off entry points to your roof or under your floor, trapping the possums and releasing them safely. Then, you can appreciate our native bush critters without them being too close. The team at Peter the Possum Man have over 75 years’ experience in removing possums, so to get rid of your possum issues, give them a call today.

Finding the best possum deterrent

Possums are often seen as major pests due to the damage they can cause and disease that they can spread. There’s no doubt if you have a possum in your roof or walls it can cause major issues and keep you awake at night. Not to mention the damage that they can cause to your garden and trees. But its important to also remember that in Victoria and South Australia there are 13 protected species of possums including the common brushtail possum and its super cute ringtail cousin.

Peter The Possum Man loves possums!

Its a common misconception that capturing a possum and moving it to another location will get rid of your possum troubles. Usually when this happens the poor possum starves to death as its often released into a foreign territory where they are unable to compete with the possums already established there and other possums will just move in to replace the one that you have removed. It’s also illegal to move possums more than 50 metres from your building (under the Wildlife act 1975). At Peter The Possum Man we treat captured possums gently and respectfully to ensure that they are not put under any more stress than is necessary. When we release them we look for suitable trees to release them into. If suitable trees cannot be found we can supply a Possum Box. Finally the most important thing is to ensure the possum cannot return to your roof and so we block all entry points.

How to get rid of possums

Possums are naturally found throughout Australian suburbs and as they are a protected species under the Wildlife act 1975 which prohibits trapping or eradication without a license, they can be a difficult pest to remove which can damage your property and spreads disease.

This means the best way of removing them is to Peter the Possum Man on 1300933789 as we are fully licensed to catch and remove possums from your property.

Once caught caged possums are released on site in accordance with the conditions of our Wildlife Control License which recognises that possums generally do not survive relocation.

Possum Deterrent

Once possums have been removed from your building we make sure all entry points are blocked and inaccessible. Its important to setup an alternative for the possum so nesting boxes can be used if they don’t have an appropriate alternative.

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