How do I stop possums getting on my roof?

Possums may be cute, fluffy and iconic Australian animals, but the last thing you want is for them to make your roof their home or their playground. If there’s a possum on your roof, we can pretty much guarantee you’ll know about it. The screeching, the scratching, the scampering of little feet across your roof… […]

get rid of possums

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How do I get rid of possums?

Possums may look cute and may be an Australian icon, but we should all be able to appreciate them from a distance. Having possums in your roof or underneath your floor is an irritating problem. Not only are they noisy but they can also damage your home. Getting rid of possums from your home can […]


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Who pays for removing pests when renting

It can be difficult to work out who is liable for the cost of removing pests from a rented property. There is no mention in the Residential Tenancies Act 1997 of who the responsibility for dealing with pests and infestations in a rented property and so unless the responsibility is is clearly defined in the […]

who pays for removing pests when renting

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Finding the best possum deterrent

Possums are often seen as major pests due to the damage they can cause and disease that they can spread. There’s no doubt if you have a possum in your roof or walls it can cause major issues and keep you awake at night. Not to mention the damage that they can cause to your […]

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How to get rid of possums

Possums are naturally found throughout Australian suburbs and as they are a protected species under the Wildlife act 1975 which prohibits trapping or eradication without a license, they can be a difficult pest to remove which can damage your property and spreads disease. This means the best way of removing them is to Peter the […]

get rid of possums

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Urban Aussies have this little problem living with possums

MELBOURNE, Australia After a night of noisy sex, heavy breathing, snarling spats and much scampering to and fro, the couple upstairs settles into a sunrise slumber as our bleary-eyed homeowner is roused from a fitful sleep by a smell that isn’t fresh-brewed coffee. Enough already! It’s time to call Peter the Possum Man, a point […]

problems living with possums

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